Someone needs to drop book series suggestion for Belle in the library

Belle needs to order a whole series of books written by Rumple for the library called  “How to (fill in the blanks) for Dummies” and label it the “Charming Family Section”

That way when the Charmings have questions and keep interrupting her dates she can given them the keys to the library,  just point to their section and say “Figure It out yourself”

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I was watching Once Upon A Time tonight and realized all the major villains have fit into the framework of the 7 Deadly Sins. →


Zelena - Obviously Envy. She literally became green with envy because she believed Regina’s life should have been hers.

Rumpelstiltskin - Wrath. He couldn’t stop himself from taking brutal vengeance on people who hurt Bae or Belle….even when Bae and Belle pleaded with him not to.

Regina - Pride….

Whale would fit LUST.


And to think Blue took Nova’s wings … .

Let us take a look at HOW MANY other ways Rumple could have got to Baelfire

1) Jefferson’s Hat

2) The fricken’ field of magical beans the Giants had

3) Magical shoes

No one could be this dumb, unless they were trying … . .

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I just watched a kid break down in the bookstore because his books for the semester totaled $600 and that’s the american university system in a nutshell

I was on the verge of tears when I got to the cashier so yeah, that’s messed…

I always waited to looked at the class syllabus.  I bought the books that seemed to be used over and over, photocopied the books that had major part, and read everything else  in the library.   Often friends would take classes before me, so don’t overestimate the power of book swaps with your friends.

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The pot meets the kettle

Holding grudges must be in the DNA of Cora’s daughters!!!!

Here is a thought … . maybe this is where Regina gets a clue about how WRONG she was about blaming Snow for all of her problems.  Maybe THIS IS THE MOMENT! 

You know if Zelena reeks this kind of havok and blames Regina because she “WAS BORN”, how much of a wake up …( nee look in the mirror) could Regina have realizing that she did not do anything to bring down this wrath by merely exisisting.   Maybe she will make that leap to how she blamed Snow for everything.

Up until now Regina has been incapable of seeing beyond her own nose …let us hope they don’t waste this chance for her to WAKE UP.

But, then again .  . ..this is OUAT …  

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Reactions to Zelena during Season 3B

Zelena takes Regina castle:  Moderately amused

Zelena takes Charming’s courage:  Meh

Zelena is all klepto about Snow’s baby:  Yawn!

Zelena locks Rumple in a basement: Someone hold my purse and my earrings!  I got this  heifer

Zelena calling Belle dumb:   *Mother f*ck*  Someone get me a helicopter with one of the buckets of water that they drop on forest fires … . She is going DOWN … .like the melting green pile of ooze that she is …  .

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Okay, at last this is spelled out in big bold canon letters for those who still don’t get it.

Everyone … .The Duchess of the dark castle … down to the high collared gold jacket … . and Leather shorts!

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I swear to God! If they don’t rush to Belle and tell her Rumple is alive before they do anything else, I will be maaaaaaaadddddddd

Well THAT would be completely out of character for them to acutally show interest in Belle.   If I was the Town Major, Sheriff and Sheriff assistant,  the FIRST THING I would do is track down Belle and have her on my hip to make sure I can check Rumple if I need to … .but then again that is me …

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I’ve never wanted to get to Kansas so fast!

Did anyone see the level of snark and smile that the money that brought the blood back gave the WW?  I don’t know  … .it reminded me of a slightly snarky wizards who smiles at his victims … . .OH if the WW has turned Rumple into a monkey … .her life is NOT GOING TO END WELL.  

Forget a farm house from Kansas … . I forsee a “rather large estate” making a wicked WW pancake …

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Insane people get angry about a Coke ad in which the American national anthem is sung in different languages. Apparently you’re only allowed to be American if you speak English.

Link to the ad if you haven’t seen it.

Hey America. England called. They want their language back.

Would like to point out the America the Beautiful IS NOT our National Anthem.   Our National Anthem is the Star Spangled Banner … . .

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